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Dik Leatherdale has never got over the sense of wonder he experienced when he discovered computer programming in 1966 - the wonder that such things were possible. Now retired, he continues his obsession by editing Resurrection the journal of the Computer Conservation Society.

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During the winter of 2004/5, during a period of "professional inactivity", I started work on an emulator for the first computer I ever had at my disposal (albeit only occasionally) – the Ferranti Atlas 1.

I’ve been working on the emulator in fits and starts ever since. The difficulties of the unstandardised floating point operations are still something of a mystery and I still have a few more extracodes to implement.

Since the start of Coronavirus lockdown I’ve added support for Atlas disc files but the main focus is on experimenting with the Brooker-Morris COMPILER COMPILER which was rescued from an early source code copy with the help of Iain MacCallum and Bill Purvis. Two programs have been developed, a simple calculator and a more complex “compiler” of a simple command language for manipulating tapes and disc files. The latter is as yet, unfinished.

Almost 16 years into the project and given the usual problems of “mission creep”, it seems unlilely that the task will ever be completed.